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Longnose ED series heavy duty drainage truck

Longnose® ED series heavy duty drainage truck is refitted from a heavy duty truck by utilizing truck’s engine as its power and its chassis as its equipment mounting platform. It is a fully hydraulic driven drainage truck specially designed for flood control, irrigation and remote water supply for fire fighting.

Longnose® ED series heavy duty drainage truck adopts lightweight, modular design with features of light weight, compact structure and beautiful appearance. The core components include hydraulic power module, water hose winch module, oil hose winch module, submersible pump module, operating robot module, hydraulic tailgate, cooling system and control system. The hydraulic power module converts truck engine’s mechanical power into hydraulic power through the connection of PTO, hydraulic pump,oil tank,oil hose and control valve to drive multiple sets of submersible pumps or other hydraulic tools. Hose winches are hydraulically driven and remotely controlled for laying and withdrawing of hoses without manual work,which greatly reduce the number of operators. The drainage module is composed of three sets of submersible pumps, which can be configured with floating block for suspension drainage. The operating robot module adopts a fully hydraulic driven crawler chassis structure with IP68 waterproof rating and three-dimensional motion function. It can perform various tasks in complex scenarios such as capture, carrying, release and withdrawal of the drainage module or other rescue material by remote control. Operating robots can completely replace manual operations, reducing the labor intensity and personnel allocation of operators, and reducing all kinds of risks caused by traditional operators' wading operations to zero. Depending on user requirements, this vehicle can also carry a 100KW power generating set. D-Cool cooling system, as a unique patent technology of Amos, has become a standard configuration on all Longnose drainage vehicles.

Longnose® ED series heavy duty drainage truck is a multi patented product both at home and abroad. It creatively combines heavy duty truck’s load, space, power and maneuverability with robot’s multi-functions, and brings a completed new concept and solution for emergency rescue field. It is an ideal choice for drainage, irrigation, fire fighting and power supply.


  • Flood control and drainage ● Remote water supply ●Agricultural Irrigation


  • Full hydraulic power output makes emergency rescue job safer.
  • All equipment are powered by truck’s engine, no additional power needed.
  • Patented D-Cool technology secures a 24*7 continuous, full load and reliable operation.
  • Modular design creates a compact and space saving carriage;
  • Class IP68 water proof design enables the robot have amphibious capability;
  • Multi-dimensional mechanical arm completely replaces manpower;


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