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Technical Support

  • Launcher not responding?

    1. Check the connecting wire of the starter;

    2. Check the starting battery.

  • Startup failed?

    1. Check the fuel circuit and its connecting wires;

    2. Check the starting battery;

    3. Check the speed sensor and its connection line;

    4. Refer to the engine manual.

  • Alarm and shutdown during operation?

    1. Check the relevant switches and wiring according to the information displayed on the LCD;

    2. Check the programmable input port.

  • High water temperature alarm after successful startup?

    Check the water temperature sensor and its wiring.

  • Low oil pressure alarm after successful start?

    Check the oil pressure sensor and its wiring.

  • Pump unit stopped?

    1. Check whether the water/tank temperature is too high;

    2. Check the generator voltage;

    3. Check the DC fuse.

  • The controller does not respond when it is powered on?

    1. Check the starting battery;

    2. Check the wiring of the controller;

    3. Check the DC fuse.