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Aquadragon light duty multi-functional rescue truck

Aquadragon ®  light duty multifunctional rescue pickup truck is the first emergency rescue truck in the world which is refitted from a light duty pickup truck by extracting truck engine’s power through a full-power PTO, a  hydraulic system, a dual-cooling system and a smart control system to drive multi sets of water pumps for both drainage, short distance water supply and fire fighting.


Aquadragon ®  light duty multifunctional rescue pickup truck’s core modular contains PTO, hydraulic system, drainage pump, water-intake pump, booster pump and center control system. The hydraulic driven drainage pump is installed on a lift platform under the truck’s chassis and it descends with the lift platform to drain the water gathered in low-lying area, tunnel, and underground garage where the truck easily to reach. The lift platform will ascend and hide under the chassis when dewatering job finished for driving. Portable water-intake pump was driven by the hydraulic system for a short distance water supply and moves water to the booster pump installed on the truck for fire fighting. An electric driven water cannon is installed in front of the pickup truck for early fire fighting with water supplied from multiple resources like a trailer mounted water tank, a fire hydrant or from the water-intake pump. D-Cool cooling system, as a unique patent technology of Amos, has become a standard configuration of all Aquadragon rescue vehicles to secure the their operation’s continuity, reliability and durability.


Aquadragon ®  light duty multifunctional rescue pickup truck is a multi patented product both at home and abroad. It creatively combines multi water pumps and other equipment with a pickup truck by fully utilizing vehicle’s strong power, load capacity and maneuverability, and brings a completed new concept and solution for emergency rescue field. It is an ideal choice for drainage, water supply, fire fighting and emergency rescue in plants, communities, villages and towns area.


  • Fire fighting ●Remote water supply ●Emergency rescue ●Flood Control and Drainage



  • Unique and patented full-power PTO technology;
  • Small size, light weight with super power;
  • All equipment are powered by truck’s engine, no additional power needed;
  • Full hydraulic power output makes emergency rescue job even safer;
  • Single vehicle with multi-functions makes less rescue vehicles input needed;
  • Intelligent design and easy operation makes less manpower input needed;
  • Independent rescue capability makes overall working efficiency greater;
  • Super maneuverability and off road capability secures different scenario adaptability;
  • Equipped with a trailer hitch, brake & steering system for more possibilities.


Tech Data



Short Distance Water Intake Module

Booster Module

Water Supply Distance     (m)

Drainage Pump Module

Flow (l/s)

Pre (Mpa)

Outlet Size  (mm)

Distance        (m)

Flow (l/s)

Pre (Mpa)

Outlet Size  (mm)

 Flow    (m3/h)

Head    (m)

Outlet Size    (mm)