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Aquadragon medium duty remote water supply system

Aquadragon® medium duty remote water supply system is the first small size emergency rescue system in the world which is refitted from super duty trucks by extracting truck engine’s power through a full-power PTO, a  hydraulic system, a water hose cleaning system, a dual-cooling system and a smart control system to drive multi sets of water pumps for remote water supply and emergency drainage application.


Aquadragon® medium duty remote water supply system is composed of a water-intake-boost subsystem and a hose laying subsystem. The water-intake-boost subsystem is refitted from a super duty pickup truck and equipped with three portable submersible pumps and one booster pump. Water-intake pumps are designed with light weight for single person to carry and deploy. After connecting water hoses and hydraulic oil hoses, the water-intake pumps transfer large volume of water to booster pump which then pressurize the water and push it through water hose to fire line. Hose laying subsystem is refitted from either a super duty pickup truck or a light duty truck. It’s basically designed for a single water supply line which can transfer the pressurized water to 1000 meters away. Its capacity could be easily doubled by adding another set of water-intake pumps and booster pump so as to generate a dual water supply lines to transfer a doubled volume of water to 500 meters away.


Aquadragon® medium duty remote water supply system adopts Amos' unique and patented SFP full Power Take Off technology which makes the on-board hydraulic system not only obtain the maximum output torque, but also obtain the maximum output power of the engine and provide substantial hydraulic power to the equipment . Each Aquadragon remote water supply system is equipped with a standard D-Cool cooling system, which controls the engine cooling water temperature and hydraulic system oil temperature at a safe level for a long time, providing a suitable system environment for vehicle parking and full load operation and ensuring the whole fire water supply system’s continuity, reliability and durability.


Aquadragon®medium duty remote water supply system is a multi patented product both at home and abroad. It creatively combines multi-sets of modular with two light duty vehicles’ power and to generate large volume of fire fighting water supply, and brings a completed new concept and one stop solution for fire fighting industry.




  • Remote water supply  ●Irrigation  ●Flood Control and Drainage



  • Unique and patented Full-power PTO technology.
  • Small footprints, light weight with super power.
  • All equipment are powered by truck’s engine, no additional power needed.
  • Full hydraulic power output makes water supply job safer.
  • Lightweight portable water intake pump taking care of all scenarios.
  • D-Cool system secures a 24*7 continuous, full load and reliable operation.
  • Intelligent design and easy operation makes less manpower input needed.
  • Super maneuverability and off road capability secures different scenario adaptability.
  • Equipped with a trailer hitch, brake & steering system for more possibilities.


Remote water supply system




Water Intake Module

Booster Module

Max Water Supply Distance     (m)

Drainage Module(optional)

Flow (l/s)

Pressure (Mpa)

Hose Size    (mm)

Max Water Intake Distance        (m)

Flow    (l/s)

Pressure (Mpa)

Hose Size      (mm)

Flow (m3/min)

Head   (m)

Hose Size     (mm)