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Low oil pressure?


1. Low lubricating oil level: check and replenish lubricating oil.
2. Lubricating oil pressure sensor or pressure gauge failure: check whether the oil pressure switch or pressure gauge is working normally.
3. Lubricating oil is diluted by fuel oil: change the oil. If the oil is diluted again, contact an Authorized Repair Facility.
4. Lubricating oil diluted with water: Check for missing dipstick, rain cap and/or filler cap.
5. The lubricating oil does not meet the conditions of use. Replace the oil and filter: replace the oil and filter.
6. Lubricating oil leakage: Check whether the engine has external oil leakage. Tighten cap screws, pipe plugs and fittings. Replace gaskets if necessary.
7. The viscosity of the lubricating oil is not correct. Make sure to use the correct lubricating oil.
8. The lubricating oil high-pressure relief valve fails, remove and check the high-pressure relief valve.
9. The lubricating oil filter is clogged: replace the oil and filter.

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