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Skid-mounted soundproof pump station

Amos manufactures a wide range of silencer pump kits including self priming and vacuum assisted priming pumps.
Self-priming trailer mounted pump sets range from 3” to 10” imperial, 80mm to 250mm metric, with maximum capacity from 25M3/H to 780 M3/H. Maximum pressure up to 42 meters. All pump sets can handle clean or dirty water with solids sizes up to 3 inches or 76 mm.
Vacuum assisted start types of trailer mounted pump kits range from 4" to 40" imperial, and 50mm to 1000mm metric. The maximum capacity can reach 15000M3/H. The maximum pressure can reach 80 meters. The range of pump sets is divided into three main series according to their pumping pressure: LH, MH and HH. All of these pump sets can handle clean and dirty water. When the pump has a wide channel impeller it can handle sewage solids up to 6 inches or 150mm in size.