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Multifunctional pickup truck E900PK

  • Import and export flange size


  • Weight


  • Power


  • Fuel tank volume


  • Diameter of impeller

    12 inches

  • Maximum flow


  • Dead point lift


  • Self-priming

    hydraulic submersible pump

  • Dimensions


  • Solid particle size


  • Feature
  • Accessories
  • Specification
    1. All equipment is powered by the vehicle engine, no additional power is required;
    2. The power take-off, hydraulic pressure, drainage and traction systems are all installed under the chassis, and the cargo compartment space can be freely modified;
    3. The cooling and piping systems are installed above the chassis, and the upper loading platform can be freely modified;
    4.  The water supply and drainage work part adopts full hydraulic drive, and the operation without electricity is safer and will not cause secondary damage;
    5. The lift-type water supply and drainage work platform adopts a built-in design, which drains water when it falls, and hides it when it is retracted;
    6.  The water supply and drainage pump has small diameter, large displacement, high head, and long water supply and drainage transportation distance;
    7.  The water supply and drainage pump can pass solid particles up to 76mm, and can perform water supply and drainage operations under the most severe working conditions;
    8. The water supply and drainage pump works in various ways, including submersible operation and self-priming operation;
    9. The vehicle is equipped with a traction brake steering system, which can safely tow other mobile equipment;