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Mobile pumping station LH250S12

  • Import and export flange size


  • Weight


  • Power


  • Fuel tank volume


  • Diameter of impeller

    12 inches

  • Maximum flow


  • Dead point lift


  • Self-priming

    Vacuum-assisted self-priming

  • Dimensions

    3760 x 1826 x 2,500 mm

  • Solid particle size


  • Feature
  • Accessories
  • Specification
    1. The pump station has a compact structure; the drainage is easy to operate;
    2. The drainage pump is equipped with a vacuum-assisted self-priming system, and the vacuuming speed is fast;
    3. The drainage pump is equipped with an anti-dry running protection system, and the drainage pump can be in an anhydrous dry running state for a long time;
    4. The flow path of the drainage pump is uniquely designed, and the maximum solid particles can pass through 79 mm, which can be used for both drainage and sewage;
    5. The drainage pump has the function of self-discharging slag, which can effectively prevent premature damage to the mechanical seal;
    6. The water supply and drainage pump has small diameter, large displacement, high head, and long water supply and drainage transportation distance;
    7. The equipment can be maneuvered quickly, with a maximum speed of 80KM/hour;