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Mobile pumping station LH150S10

  • Import and export flange size


  • Weight


  • Power


  • Fuel tank volume


  • Diameter of impeller

    10 inches

  • Maximum flow


  • Dead point lift


  • Self-priming

    Vacuum-assisted self-priming

  • Dimensions

    3560 x 1.556 x 2,056 mm

  • Solid particle size


The water-absorbing elephant brand mobile pump station adopts an integrated design, which has multiple functions of sewage suction, sewage discharge, and drainage. It is compact in structure, convenient and flexible, and economical and applicable.

  • Feature
  • Accessories
  • Specification
    1. The pump station has a compact structure; the drainage is easy to operate;
    2. The drainage pump is equipped with a vacuum-assisted self-priming system, and the vacuuming speed is fast;
    3. The drainage pump is equipped with an anti-dry running protection system, and the drainage pump can be in an anhydrous dry running state for a long time;
    4. The flow path of the drainage pump is uniquely designed, and the maximum solid particles can pass through 75 mm, which can be used for both drainage and sewage;
    5. The drainage pump has the function of self-discharging slag, which can effectively prevent premature damage to the mechanical seal;
    6. The water supply and drainage pump has small diameter, large displacement, high head, and long water supply and drainage transportation distance;
    7. The equipment can be maneuvered quickly, with a maximum speed of 80KM/hour;